Olive Trees in Florida

University of Florida extension agents believe olive trees are good idea in the Florida climate. Not only are they productive, but they require little irrigation once established. Of course, the trees look like the Mediterranean, and olives can be of course eaten or pressed for oil. Florida agronomists recommend self-fertile cultivars like 'Arbequina', 'Mission', or … [Read more...]

Meet the Wacky Merman of Crystal River

Florida merman

CRYSTAL RIVER -  A Florida man is drawing crowds and notoriety for his regular swims as a merman in Crystal River, and has created a whole cottage industry with his Mertailor mermaid suits. Entrepreneur Eric Ducharme, who appears on TLC's Crazy Obsession show, takes free swims in Crystal River, which is known for its clear water and manatees. He started Mertailor LLC … [Read more...]

The Villages and Its Golfcart Mania

THE VILLAGES - This retirement mecca north of Tampa near Lady Lake is the world capital of golf carts. Low emission, inexpensive, and earth friendly, these carts allow seniors to travel around the town without having to have a car. Here, a video profile of the golf carts at The Villages by CBS Correspondent Bill Geist. … [Read more...]

Florida Issues Statement on Monkey with Facebook Fans


Monkey Might Well Have Herpes TALLAHASSEE - The elusive rhesus macaque monkey darting around the Tampa Bay area and cheered on by 60,000 Facebook fans is generating a lot of banter.  However, wildlife officials caution that this monkey is highly stressed and potentially very dangerous, and is itself in danger. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation … [Read more...]