Clearwater Celebrates Centennial This May


CLEARWATER - The announces centennial celebrations to celebrate the city’s 100th Anniversary on May 27, 2015. There will be a Rib Fest in the North Greenwood area on Apr. 11, 2015, followed by the third annual Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival from Apr. 17-26, 2015. Located just south of Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach, the festival will feature 1,000 tons of Clearwater Beach’s world … [Read more...]

Roadside History: The Night Owl Beauty and North Miami

International House of Pancakes in North Miami, c 1970

NORTH MIAMI - In a December 1970 edition of National Geographic, the cover subject was pollution. One of the "pollutions" photographed was visual pollution. To illustrate the point, the magazine photographed the highway strip along Route 1 in North Miami. Today, the strip is completely changed, and almost denuded of all signs. Also missing are the Holbrook Antique Arms … [Read more...]

Nathan’s, Old School Classic Menswear of Lakeland


LAKELAND - We all miss the classic menswear stores of our grandfather's era. These stores sold suits, sport jackets, dress shoes, casual shoes and (a bit of) sportswear. Nathan's of Lakeland is one of the ones that survived, proof that the mom and pop store can still survive. Founded in 1942, it's sort of a museum piece (in a good way, nothing dusty), but clothes lines are … [Read more...]

Meet the Wacky Merman of Crystal River

Florida merman

CRYSTAL RIVER -  A Florida man is drawing crowds and notoriety for his regular swims as a merman in Crystal River, and has created a whole cottage industry with his Mertailor mermaid suits. Entrepreneur Eric Ducharme, who appears on TLC's Crazy Obsession show, takes free swims in Crystal River, which is known for its clear water and manatees. He started Mertailor LLC … [Read more...]