Clearwater Shows Dolphin for Republican Convention

Clearwater Marine Aquarium Dolphin WinterCLEARWATER BEACH – The Clearwater Regional Chamber, along with support from Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the City of Clearwater, has launched a project to artistically showcase the bottlenose dolphin.

Dolphin sponsors and artists have been recruited to showcase the talented local artists as they uniquely decorate upright 6’ tall fiberglass dolphins. The tie in with Winter and Dolphin Tale is a natural fit since Winter resides at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

With over 50,000 guests visiting the Tampa Bay area for the RNC, it is an ideal time to draw attention to the beautiful beaches and marine life enjoyed by residents each day. Twenty or more will be on display at Pier 60 Park in Clearwater Beach.

This colorful display can be seen on foot, driving in the roundabout, from the water and air – parasailing, hang gliding or bungee jumping. Visit

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