Yes, There Is Oil In Florida. A Quick History

IMMOKALEE – While there has been a long discussion about whether or not to drill of of Florida’s coast, few remember that Florida has also been home to actual oil wells. Pictured here, Blanchard’s Everglades oil well near Dade-Collier County line on Tamiami Trail.

The best known well began pumping in 1943, after a long search, in a site near Big Cypress Preserve.

A great history online is at the website Petroleum History Resources:

Predictably, the Humble Oil Co. find sparked a flurry of lease purchases and wildcat wells. By 1954, the Sunniland field was producing 500,000 barrels per year from eleven wells at average depths of 11,575 feet. Sunniland remained Florida’s top producer until 1964, when Sun Oil Co., after spending $10 million on 34 dry holes, discovered the Felda field in nearby Hendry County.

Most don’t know that Florida today has an Oil and Gas department that monitors oil and gas drilling in the state. Click on the link above and you can see maps of where Florida’s oil wells are located.

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