First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, Site of Last Torrey Preaching

ORLANDO – When visiting Orlando, there are many church options.

One of the more historic is First Presbyterian Church, founded in 1876. From a small house church, it grew into a downtown campus of buildings and is now one of the more influential congregations here.

The church has a claim to fame in American evangelism. It was the site of the last evangelistic meeting of R.A. Torrey, the famed preacher. In 1927, Torrey came there to preach and soon after he retired to Asheville, N.C., where he died.

Torrey’s writings on prayer are some of the most influential in the 20th century, setting out in clear form the particulars of when prayer works and how best to pray.

Today, the church is led by Dr. David Swanson.

See the church’s history here.

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