Religion at Cypress Gardens; Bring Back Day of Discovery

Day of Discovery Cypress GardensWINTER HAVEN – Setting a TV show in Florida gives it insta-background. Swaying palm trees, easy weather for filming.

Such was the idea of the ministry of the religious program Day of Discovery, which for years filmed many of its TV shows at Florida’s Cypress Gardens. SEE FUNKY COOL VIDEO HERE

Anyone who grew up in the 1970s would know the show. It’s Sunday morning, and all of a sudden you hear “Discovery, Discovery, Day of Discovery” and then these beautiful chiffon-singers standing under a pavilion in Cypress Gardens start to sing a hymn.

Day of Discovery, part of RBC ministries, started in Florida in St. Petersburg, and eventually moved to filming an entire season of shows at Cypress Gardens, the Winter Haven theme park that recently reopened after shutting down last fall.

One great idea to help revive Cypress Gardens is to bring the services back. We pull from the website’s interview with Burma Davis Posey, who helped save the park when it was threatened. She had an excellent idea for bringing visitors on Sundays, namely to offer the gardens for guest preachers on Sundays.

* Sunday morning services at the stadium for tourists and locals looking for a place to worship each week. “Day of Discovery” formerly broadcast from there before the former owners lost the contract. There can be visiting pastors, church choirs, musicians, etc. booked to speak and perform each week. The stadiums are already in place to use. Churches across the nation will look forward to a cherished opportunity to lead the service at Cypress Gardens. And this will bring new visitors with their family and friends from around the country. This could be beyond wonderful and lives could be touched in an eternal way! Perhaps a national ministry could be enticed to return to broadcast from the Gardens as Day of Discovery did for many years.

Today, the Day of Discovery ministry is in Michigan, and film crews go around the world venturing to Christian sites. Good stuff, but we do miss the Cypress Gardens shows. Who else but Cypress Gardens could get some water-skiers to drag flags around to promote a pop-culture religious program?

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  1. Ben Starling says

    What an incredible idea… many folks who travel would love a place to worship while on the road, and Cypress Gardens would be a fantastic. When I think of CG, I kind of feel closer to God because they showcase the beauty of all that He created. So, it would be a natural for them to include a worship service.

  2. LRoy says

    Forget going to Cypress Gardens, however beautiful it is.

    Go to REAL religious sites like Fatima & Lourdes instead where REAL religious people have appeared and you KNOW they are in Heaven.

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