Barbie at Daytona Beach Museum

From Daytona Beach Museum

DAYTONA BEACH – To celebrate her 50th birthday, the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts & Sciences features Barbie Doll: Celebrating 50 Years of an American Icon. The exhibit features 400 dolls from the private collection of collector Jo Anne Winspur.

“This is not a children’s exhibit, though the children will love it,” said MOAS executive director Wayne Atherholt. “Besides featuring fine, rare examples of Barbie and everything Barbie, it reveals changing styles and standards in the wider culture. And, with the graphics and merchandising elements – like the use of color in the 1970 Barbie Camper, it’s a really neat exhibit.”

Highlights of the exhibition include nine Barbie Dolls adorned in Bob Mackie. They also feature large-scale vintage play sets including the 1960’s ‘Barbie Goes to College’ Campus featuring a drive in movie theater, football stadium, graduation ceremony, dorm rooms and a sweet shop.

Visiting Barbie in the exhibit will be friends like Steffie, Cara, Julia, Midge, Skipper and of course Ken.

The exhibition runs through April 8; see more at

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