Get Some Jacks In Palm Beach

Palm Beach Sandals

Leather sandals are iconic Florida wear, says style maven Bunny Tomerlin

PALM BEACH – Jackie Kennedy made them famous, and today, they are the iconic footwear of Palm beach. They are the leather sandals called Jacks, or Jack Rogers. While Jackie was in Palm Beach, she wore Jack Rogers’ leather “Navajo” sandals.

Today, Jack Rogers sandals are made in Hallandale. In West Palm Beach, there are similar sandals that are made by Stephen Bonanno Sandals.

Style maven Bunny Tomerlin says on her blog, and we believe it, that her favorite sandals are the Emma Monogram Sandals. Says Tomerlin, “Every girl and woman should have a pair of Bonanno’s. A Palm Beach classic.”

There are other Florida sandals. Also born in Palm Beach, Lilly Pulitzer sells sandals. There is also the shoe company Bernardo, which sells a “Miami” style thong.

  • Jack Rogers Shoes, 16201 NW 49th Ave., Miami, FL, 33014, (954) 455-5021
  • Stephen Bonanno Sandals, TTW Inc., 882 SW Enterprise Way, Stuart, FL 34997; (772) 219-7629, 866-313-FEET (3338),

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